CEO Message

What Patients Await Eagerly — the Medicine of Hope

SCOHIA PHARMA, Inc. is a biotech venture with substantial research and development resources for drug discovery focused on cardiovascular, metabolic, and renal areas. It initiated operations in April 2017 by the collaborative investment of three companies: Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, and MEDIPAL HOLDINGS CORPORATION.


Many drugs against chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure have been produced worldwide, and they have fulfilled the needs of therapeutic care with dramatic treatment results. However, unmet medical needs continue to remain high with diabetes complications induced by metabolic disorders, cardiovascular problems arising from high blood pressure, and obesity and other ailments that had not been considered serious earlier. Patients worldwide await new drugs eagerly.

The mission of SCOHIA PHARMA is to address all areas and diseases, and deliver highly effective therapeutic medicine to patients around the world at the earliest. We will aim for further and steady improvement of clinical and pre-clinical projects as well as fully apply our high-level research abilities and continue to produce attractive new drugs. Furthermore, by identifying strong external partners, our organization will encounter stimulating ideas and continue to tackle challenges that lead to innovative drug discovery.

We will give all patients around the world, hope through the power of medicine. That is the future we aim for.
SCOHIA PHARMA will make it real.

President and CEO