SCOHIA PHARMA, Inc. (referred to as the “Company” hereinafter) recognizes the appropriate protection and use of personal information as its major social responsibility. The Company will exert maximum effort for the appropriate management of personal information in accordance with the following policy. Furthermore, for the sustained improvement of personal information management by the Company, the following content may be changed without prior notice.

Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

The purpose of the Company’s privacy policy is to acquire personal information by fair and appropriate means, to specify its purpose of use, and to use such information within the necessary confines of its purpose of use.

Purpose of Use

The purposes of personal information use at the Company shall be as follows:

  • For the execution of medical development business and business incidental thereto
  • For the personnel management of its employees
  • For recruiting activities
  • For inquiries and other communication with clients
  • For the execution of necessary contractual business with shareholders

Provision and Outsourcing of Personal Information

The Company shall not provide personal information to third parties, when the individual has agreed to nondisclosure, except for situations in which compliance to laws and ordinances take precedence. Furthermore, the Company may contract the management of personal information to a third party, in which case the Company shall conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the third party in compliance with laws governing personal information management and national guidelines and standards etc.

Management of Personal Information

The Company shall comply with the laws governing personal information management, national guidelines and standards, etc. and make the necessary and appropriate organizational, personnel, physical, and technological safety measures for the prevention of data leakage, loss, or damage, or other security controls. In this manner, the Company exerts maximum effort for appropriate privacy management.

Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

For any request concerning personal data for disclosure, correction, and suspension of use, the Company shall, after confirmation of the identity of the requesting party and in compliance with the laws governing personal information management, national guidelines and standards, etc., address the matter appropriately for reasonable requests.